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China's Plastic Profile Processing Industry Enters A New Stage
- Mar 26, 2018 -

After the rapid development of "Twelve-Five", China has become the world's largest production of plastic products, consumption and export powers.

2016 into the "Thirteen-Five" since the accelerated transformation and upgrading of plastic processing industry, improve the plastic processing industry independent innovation capacity and new materials, technology, equipment and the popularization of modern products, China's plastics industry is the most important task.

2017 is an important period for China's plastics processing industry to become stronger. Plastic processing industry to promote the supply side of structural reform as the main line, to improve the quality of industry development and efficiency as the center, adhere to innovation-driven, power conversion, to achieve fruitful results.

2018 is the beginning of the full implementation of the 19 spirit of the year, China's plastic processing industry has entered a new stage of development more dependent on technological progress. Global innovation Patterns and industrial change will accelerate further. The global manufacturing industry enters the intelligent transformation period, the backward Force plastics processing industry development. The plastic processing industry presents the development trend of function, lightness, ecology and micro-forming.