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Current Situation Of PVC Profile Industry
- Mar 26, 2018 -

The industry also has a large number of production enterprises (nearly 400), small production capacity (2.8 million tons), small demand (2003 national profile sales 1.2 million tons), capacity can not fully play the contradictions, an annual output of more than 20,000 tons of enterprises less than 10, product quality level is uneven, inferior products still have a market, Industry quality and technical standards are too low, not conducive to technological progress, resulting in the replacement of aluminum products. The high-end market (30%) is occupied by foreign brands, the middle and low market is unprofitable, the competition is fierce, the final pattern has not yet formed.

From the factory distribution, in 392 profiles manufacturers, South East 37%, Shandong 12%, the central region 17%, northeast 19%, the western Region 15%. From the capacity of the Division to see 2003 national capacity of 2.8 million tons, Shandong region 9%, the central region 1%, northeast 32%, the western Region 7%, South East 39%.