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Share Several Types Of Plastic Modification In Plastic Products?
- Mar 26, 2018 -

1, enhance: By adding fiberglass, carbon fiber, mica, such as fibrous or flake filler to increase the material rigidity and strength of the purpose, such as the use of electric tools such as glass fiber reinforced nylon.

2, toughening: By adding rubber, thermoplastic elastomer and other substances in the plastic to improve its toughness/impact strength of the purpose, such as automobiles, home appliances and industrial use of the common toughened polypropylene.

3. Blending: Mixing two or more incompatible polymer materials into a mixture of macroscopic compatibility and micro-phase to meet certain requirements for physical and mechanical properties, optical properties and processing properties.

4, Alloy: Common mixed similar, but good compatibility between components, easy to form homogeneous system, and can obtain a single component can not achieve certain performance, such as Pc/abs alloy, or PS modified PPO.

5, filling: By adding filler in the plastic to achieve the improvement of physical mechanical properties or reduce the cost of the purpose.

6, other modifications: such as the use of conductive fillers to reduce the resistance of plastics, add antioxidants/light stabilizers to improve the weather resistance of the material, adding pigments/dyes to change the color of the material, the addition of internal/external lubricants to improve the processing properties of the material, The crystallization properties of semi crystalline plastics are modified by using nucleating agents to improve their mechanical properties and optical properties, etc.