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The Difference Between PVC Pellets And PVC Powder
- Aug 05, 2018 -

    Powder is the main raw material of PVC products. It is pure powder without adding any additives and other additives.

    PVC pellets are usually added with stabilizers, additives and additives. Generally speaking, you can add them without buying them. You can use them directly on the machine.

    The difference between powder and granules is that the powder is added into different additives and raw materials to form pellets. The cheapest in the formulation is PVC powder, which accounts for more than 65% of the preparation. Another 35%, or other materials, in addition to the low price of calcium carbonate, the price of other raw materials is very high, the additives are quite expensive, although the same amount of each of the auxiliary materials is not much, but the overall calculation, it accounts for the cost a large proportion.

    Of course, different quality and quality requirements will be formulated differently. The prices of raw materials used will be different, and there will be differences in species, so the price of various PVC pellets will vary.