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The Main Uses Of Pvc Plastic Particles
- Apr 13, 2018 -

The main uses of pvc plastic particles are divided into:

1. PVC general soft products.

Extruder can be used to squeeze into hoses, cables, wires, etc.; use injection molding machine with a variety of molds, can be made into plastic sandals, soles, slippers, toys, auto parts and so on.

2. PVC transparent material.

After the PVC is mixed with the additives and plasticized, a transparent or colored film of a predetermined thickness is made by a three-roll or four-roll calender, and the film is processed by this method to become a calendered film. Can also be tailored, heat sealed packaging bags, raincoats, tablecloths, curtains, inflatable toys. Wide transparent film can be used for greenhouses, plastic greenhouses and plastic film. The biaxially stretched film can be used for shrink packaging because of its thermal shrinkage characteristics.

3. PVC coating products.

The artificial leather with a substrate is a PVC paste applied to a cloth or paper, and then plasticized at 100 degrees Celsius or more. PVC and additives can also be first calendered into a film, and then pressed together with the substrate. The non-substrate artificial leather is a soft sheet that is directly calendered into a certain thickness by a calender and then pressed into a pattern. Artificial leather can be used to make suitcases, leather bags, book covers, sofas and car seat cushions, as well as floor leathers, which are used as flooring materials for buildings.

4. PVC foam products.

When soft PVC is mixed, a suitable amount of foaming agent is added into the sheet and foamed into a foam, which can be used as foam slippers, sandals, insoles, and shock-proof cushioning packaging materials. The extruder can also be used to form low-foaming hard PVC sheets and profiles, which can be used as a substitute for wood. It is a new construction material.

5.PVC transparent sheet.

Impact modifiers and organotin stabilizers are added to the PVC, which are mixed, plasticized, and calendered to form a transparent sheet. The use of thermoforming can be made into thin-wall transparent containers or used for vacuum blister packaging. It is an excellent packaging material and decorative material.

6. PVC hard board and plate.

Stabilizers, lubricants and fillers are added to the PVC. After mixing, extruders can be used to extrude hard tubes, shaped tubes, and corrugated tubes of various diameters. They can be used as sewage pipes, drinking water pipes, wire bushings or stair railings. . The hot rolled sheet is superposed and hot-pressed to produce hard sheets of various thicknesses. The plate can be cut into the desired shape and then welded to various chemically resistant storage tanks, ducts and containers using hot air from PVC electrodes.

7.PVC other

The doors and windows are assembled from hard and shaped materials. In some countries, the market has been jointly occupied with doors and windows, such as aluminum windows and doors; imitation wood materials, on behalf of steel building materials; hollow containers.