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What Is The Ignition Point Of Rigid PVC Plastic Products?
- Aug 05, 2018 -

    The so-called ignition point means that when a certain substance reaches a certain temperature, it will naturally ignite and burn. Hard PVC pellets are difficult to burn. Its auto-ignition temperature is 256 ° C. If there is no external fire source, PVC hard products have the function of automatic extinction. It does not support combustion and can self-extinguish. It is a kind of hard. Burning materials.

    When a fire occurs, it will produce harmful smoke and carbon monoxide gas, which is harmful to the human body. The chlorine gas generated when the hard PVC pellets are burned is also harmful to the human body; according to the relevant aspects of the West, whether PVC can be used as a door and window to test PVC burning When the chlorine gas generated at the time affects the human body, it is found that the carbon monoxide gas generated when the wood is burned has a greater influence on the human body than the chlorine gas generated when the wood is burned. Therefore, do not deliberately think that PVC burning will produce toxic gas, when the fire occurs, smoke, carbon monoxide gas is a more dangerous enemy.