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Why Does The Profile Appear Discoloration?
- Mar 26, 2018 -

According to the current situation, many people think that the resolution of the uneven processing color, as long as the yellowing of the profile line to reduce processing temperature, you can reduce the chromatic aberration. However, some people believe that the biggest effect of yellowing is PVC, CPE, stabilizers, different batches of PVC, CPE, stabilizers and other main auxiliary raw materials, processing will be different color. In this case, even if a single addition of a certain amount of whitening agents, anti-aging agent, can not play much role.

and heat, oxygen, light aging color of the main manifestation is the yellowing of profiles, there are individual stabilizer manufacturers in the promotion of their products announced the use of their products and similar manufacturers, can reduce the number of copies, reduce costs, although the results can also produce a more satisfactory form of profiles, but in the recycling of waste, In the harsh process temperature requirements, due to its low thermal stability, the damage to the molecular structure of PVC is not visible to the naked eye, so the production of the following conditions:

1 profiles in the processing of the found color is not uniform (such as a slight deviation of color is allowed);

2 after heating deformation, the profile is obviously yellow-changed;

3 after heating the state is good, but the profile made of doors and windows is not long to become gray. Profile normal production does not yellow, and in the later window products yellowing.

In the process of profile production, when the basic conditions such as raw materials and moulds are unchanged, if the plasticizing section and the homogenization section of the temperature increased by about 5 ℃, the resulting profile yellowing tendency, also shows that its heat stability efficiency is insufficient, should increase the amount of heat stabilizer, especially in the formula added fluorescent whitening agent, such as whitening additives, heat stabilizer is insufficient, Whitening effect is not obvious.