UPVC Water Supply Pvc Fitting

UPVC pipes and fittings for water supply,All the pipes and fittings are in new material

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Product name:UPVC water supply UPVC fitting

Description:UPVC pipes and fittings for water supply,All the pipes and fittings are in new material


UPVC water supply fittings Properties  

1. Light weight

 The weight per unit is only 1/6 of the cast-iron pipes,so the transport is quite convenient.

2. High strength

 The strength can get to 45Mpa.

3. Low resistance

 The internal surface of the pipe is smooth with no dirt .The loss is 30% lower

 than that of the cast-iron pipes.

4. Corrosion resistance

 It has a good quality of acid resistance,alkali resistance,chemicals resistance and

 electric- Chemistry resistance,so the point of corrosion will not occur during the use.

5. Easy installation

 It adopts the glue and soft joining.Therefore,the installation is quite easy and the sealing is


6. Long service life

 The service time can reach more than 50 years nuder the normal working pressure.

7. Low cost

 The cost of the transport and installation is low,and the total engineering cost is 30-40% lower

 than of the cast-iron pipes.

8. Innocuity and sanitation

 The product conforms to the standards of the drink water and water transported has no second pollution. 

UPVC water supply fittings Applicable

1. Water Supply Works

2. Real Estate Construction

3. Well Drilling Works

4. Chemical Factories

5. Paper Mill

6. Acidifying & Fermenting Plants

7. Electroplating Factories

8. Agricultural Ground

9. Mine Fields

10. cultivation Industry

11. Expressway Construction

12. Golf Course Construction

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