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Why Choose Us?

1. Juli’s ability to formulate materials to specific customer specifications – including hardness, color and quantity.

2. From raw material to product we support one -step service.

3. We can customize a variety of products, as long as you provide drawings or requirements.

4. Our product's Advantages:

Life long durability

High weather resistance

Impact resistance

Fire resistance

Corrosion resistance

UV stability or efficient thermal insulation

High acoustic/Sound insulation

Water tightness or weather tightness

Ageing resistance

Our Service:

We can customize a variety of raw material and  products, as long as you provide drawings or requirements, we product freezer glass door frame, showcase glass, door frame, PVC door profile etc. And we can provide all kinds of dimension according to customer's drawing, your customized requirements for color, logo, design, package, carton mark and so on is all right, we provide that you can have your own customized product.